Nashville CFI

Tower Communications

This page will introduce you to tower operations and communications procedures.


Smyrna tower, Cessna 733CS, 10 southwest at 2500 feet, landing with the numbers.*

Smyrna tower, Cessna 733CS, midfield left downwind 32, request the option.**

Smyrna ground, Cessna 733CS, east ramp, staying in the pattern, ready to taxi with the numbers.

Smyrna ground, Cessna 733CS, off 32 at alpha, request taxi to the west ramp.

* At Smyrna "the numbers" = "weather" but in some airports it is a letter code so "landing with Charlie (Delta, etc)"
** The "option" allows you to do a touch-n-go, stop-n-go, full stop, or whatever kind of landing you prefer.

Note: It is NOT necessary to report each traffic leg at an airport with an operating control tower.

Note 2: Enter the pattern how the tower instructs you, not on a 45° to the downwind leg.

Flight Content

We will fly to the Smyrna airport and do touch and goes during this lesson. The student will be responsible for getting us to Smyrna (with appropriate airspace and traffic awareness), setting the appropriate frequencies, communicating with the tower, and entering the runway environment as appropriate.

Common Mistakes