Nashville CFI

Pattern Work

After learning the basics, we turn our attention to learning to takeoff and land the airplane. This requires something we refer to as "pattern work", which is basically just doing lots of takeoffs and landings in various airport traffic patterns.

During pattern work you will be exposed to all of the following learning objectives:

Normal Takeoff

Normal Landing

normal landing

Crosswind Takeoff

crosswind takeoff 1

crosswind takeoff 2

Crosswind Landing

crosswind landing 1

crosswind landing 2

crosswind landing 3

Soft-Field Takeoff

soft-field takeoff

Soft-Field Landing

Short-Field Takeoff

short-field takeoff

Short-Field Landing

Short field landings depend on a variety of factors, but here are the elements they all have in common:

Emergency Procedures

Once you are comfortable with the traffic pattern and above items, you will be exposed to the following simulated emergencies and equipment malfunctions:

Common Mistakes

ACS Test Objectives

The pilot exhibits ability to fly and land an airplane in the pattern while exercising appropriate ADM on flying priorities, go-arounds, and situational awareness both with and without simulated equipment failures in the cockpit.