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Ground Reference Maneuvers

Ground reference maneuvers are part of the private pilot curriculum to teach you how to control the airplane in varying wind conditions with respect to a reference on the ground. It's actually a surprisingly commonly used skill... every time you enter an airport traffic pattern, find your house, or look at your town from the air, you're using ground reference maneuvers.

To properly perform ground reference maneuvers you must apply proper wind correction techniques, develop skills in dividing attention inside and outside the cockpit, and fine-tune the motor skills necessary to control the airplane.

Below you will find the various types of ground reference maneuvers in the ACS.

Turns Around a Point

turns around a point

Common Mistakes

Rectangular Course

rectangular course

Common Mistakes

S-Turns Across a Road

s-turns across a road

Common Mistakes

ACS Test Objectives

The pilot exhibits ability to fly the ground reference maneuvers with a goal of meeting the following ACS requirements: