Nashville CFI


In your first lessons, we will introduce to the airplane, the importance of a thorough preflight inspection, and the four fundamentals of flight.

How Airplanes Fly

Preflight Inspection

Before every flight, we will conduct a thorough preflight inspection of the airplane to ensure it is safe to fly. We will do so using the manufacturer's checklist in the Airplane Flight Manual.

On subsequent flights in the day, you can check the following:

Left Turning Tendencies

When power (throttle) is applied in a single-engine airplane, the airplane exhibits a tendency to yaw to the left. This is due to the following factors:

Basic Radio Communications

Remember the 5 Ws for communicating on the radio

Flight Content

Common Mistakes


The student has thorough understanding of the need for and application of a good preflight inspection. Student understands four fundamentals of flight and the motor skills involved in the safi taxi of an aircraft.