Nashville CFI

Emergency Procedures

We will now introduce you to emergency engine out procedures in a single-engine airplane.

Most common cause of single engine accidents is engine failure. Most common cause of engine failure is fuel exhaustion. Sad, but true.

Above all, remember: If your engine quits, you still have an airplane. FLY IT! If you fly the airplane all the way into the ground (or even into the "crash" as Bob Hoover says), you have a high probability of a good outcome (surviving).

Fatality rates after engine failure:

Pilot Actions

We will also discuss the possibility of engine failure on takeoff and important of pre-takeoff briefing.

Fix or Secure

If time (altitude) permits, we should follow the AFM checklist for attempting a restart in flight. Usually it goes something like this:

If none of that leads to a successful engine restart, then follow the AFM checklist to secure the engine for landing. A typical checklist looks something likt this:

Common Mistakes

Student Objections

Student exhibits good ADM during simulated engine out procedures and above all maintains airspeed at a safe level.